STAR Exiles are Reading FC supporters living around the UK and across the World!

Star Exiles provides unique support for all exiled Royals fans who live away from the town, whether North or South, UK or abroad.

Welcome to all Exiled Royals Supporters

For those Reading supporters who live away from the town, whether North or South, UK or abroad, then STAR Exiles is for you. We cater for all exiled Royals fans, wherever you are and whatever the reason for being away. Whether you’ve permanently upped sticks or you’re temporarily away from home at University or College – you may just be on holiday and want to meet up on your travels?

Our main aim is to put fellow Royals supporters in touch with each other primarily through our regional branches in the UK and Overseas. We hope you take advantage of the opportunity to join STAR Exiles. With hundreds of exiled members and many others who’ve contacted us, you may not be far from another Royals fan. You’ll find a warm welcome amongst our members, and we’re sure membership will be worthwhile.

Members will have the full benefits of STAR membership and if you’re able to get to the UK we can help you with matchday tickets to watch the Royals play. Despite the distances, we want you to feel involved with the Club and as much part of STAR as our UK based fans. For your convenience there are a number of ways of joining STAR Exiles.

We no longer run our Exiles discussion forum on Yahoo Groups but keen for any members to join us on our UK & Worldwide Exiles facebook page as well as our other dedicated Exiles group facebook pages.




If you are a Reading supporter lIving abroad we have a number of regional Exiles groups around the world. To find out more you can visit our Overseas Exiles page



exiles_northern.pngNORTHERN & SCOTLAND BRANCH -STAR Northern Royals began as the Yorkshire Royals in the 1995/6 season to cater for northern based fans. Renamed to reflect our wider membership the group has grown steadily to around 80 members.

Many of us meet up before local games and at the Mad Stad whenever possible, travelling to games together and enjoying the occasional social event. Phil Parkinson attended one of our evenings in his testimonial year and we often welcome fans from STAR coaches to our Buxton hotel venue.

For a number of years, we have arranged block seat bookings for home and away games, now including a "Northern Away Season Ticket". If you live in the north (or know someone who does), contact us at for more details.

MIDLANDS BRANCH - STAR Midland Royals have been in existence since 2003 serving fans from the central counties of England – “Putting Reading at the heart of English football”.

Members enjoy meeting up at local games and the group organises match tickets through the RFC & STAR Exiles arrangements. We hold social evenings (particularly around Christmas) and persuaded John Madejski to join us at one event a couple of years ago! For more information contact us at  

SOUTH-WEST BRANCH -STAR South-West Royals was re-launched for the 2009/10 season slightly later than planned with a good number of Royals fans based in the region.

We aim to bring together the dozens of supporters who travel up the M4 to the Mad Stad every fortnight, and like other exiled groups we also hope to encourage more travel to away games. We look forward to many of you joining us, so please get in touch via 

What's Involved in running a STAR Exiles Branch?

STAR Exiles Branches are run by members for members so we need a volunteer to act as “Chairman”, co-ordinating the group and liaising with STAR. STAR Board needs to approve setting up a new branch, so if you’re keen and there are a few other Royals fans interested, let us know and we’ll get things started.

We have established some basic Branch Committee Rules and Operating Procedures and Conditions  to help you run the branch, which also ensures everyone follows the same ideas and maintains our benefits with RFC. If you organise any events or otherwise handle any money on behalf of the group you’ll need to keep accounts and agree them annually with the branch members.

Most UK branch members will appreciate the match ticket arrangements, which take a bit of time and effort, but otherwise it is up to the group to do whatever you want – within reason!! Overseas members can also get tickets but mainly try to meet up and watch live TV matches whenever they can and depending how close they are.

Everyone has different ideas what they want from a branch, but the main factor for people joining is often getting together and sharing their interest in following the Royals, meeting up at games, sharing travelling and watching live TV matches together.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about anything, our Exiles Co-ordinator is here to help you with any questions you might have, either before you start or when your branch is up and running. We appreciate that everyone is a volunteer so you can choose to do as much or as little as you can manage.

STAR Exiles are currently co-ordinated by Andrew Wearing who is available for advice and support for all Regional Branches as well as individual Exiles members both within the UK and overseas.

Andrew can be contacted at

Benefits of Exiles membership include:

Regional Exiles Branches – we have established Exiles groups both in the UK and Overseas, with plans for more to come. UK members regularly meet up for games and the occasional social event, whilst those abroad share their interest watching live TV matches whenever they can. Branches are run by members for members so we always need volunteers to help. 

You can download a copy of the current Exiles Branch Map showing the locations of the UK Exiles Groups and postcode areas by clicking on the map below.


RFC Match Tickets – RFC & STAR recognise that it is not easy for exiled fans to accumulate Royalty points when living away and have introduced a scheme to help you get match tickets. Conditions apply but subject to a few rules we can generally arrange tickets to Royals games at home and away, which is a great help for those needing to arrange travel well in advance – especially if you are living abroad.

STAR Member Benefits – As with all STAR members you’ll receive various benefits, including STAR souvenirs  and 20 Royalty points for joining STAR. You can attend the Fans Forums and you’ll also receive regular newsletters which you can choose to arrive by post or e-mail.

STAR Travel – there’s nothing stopping you getting on the STAR member coaches to Royals away matches if it’s convenient for you to travel via Reading.

STAR Member Representation – STAR regularly meet the football Club management who take a genuine interest in our members views. Paula martun, the temporary Exiles Co-ordinator is an active member of the STAR Board representing exiled fans and giving you a voice within the organisation.

We are grateful to the continued support of our sponsors

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