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STAR (Supporters Trust At Reading) is a non-profit Supporters’ Trust set up in March 2002 by Reading supporters for Reading supporters.


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Welcome to STAR

Welcome to the Supporters Trust At Reading (STAR), a non-profit making, democratically accountable Supporters’ Trust registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. Staffed and organised by volunteer Reading FC supporters our formal title is Reading Football Supporters’ Society Limited and we are the successor to the Reading Football Supporters’ Club (est. 1930). You can find out more information about our organisation in the About STAR page.

STAR Membership 2016-17

Our membership season runs from 1st July 2016 to 30th June 2017. Our membership fees remain unchanged at £10 for adults and £5 for under 18 yrs and over 65 yrs.

You can find out more about membership of STAR and benefits on our Membership page or by calling into the STAR Base on match days.

We are now closed for online applications for 2016-17 STAR membership but you can still join at STAR Base. Membership applications for 2017-18 will reopen after the summer break.

STAR 2016-17 Season Predictor Competition Winners and Final Positions

For those who entered this season's Predictor competition your final position can be checked by downloading the final points table here.

1st Prize of £300 to Paul Wheeler with 1245 points. Congratulations, Paul.
2nd prize of £100 to Robin Hicks on 1231 points. Well done Robin.
3rd Prize of £75 to Alan Sedunary on 1224 points – well done, after many years of trying!
The early Starter Prize of £25 to Matthew Childs – for the best entry submitted before a ball was kicked on 1216 points.

The Oxford United mug for last (145th) position goes to Fiona Butler. Prizes can be collected at the STAR AGM in September.

Thank you for all who participated and the competition will be back next season. Look for your free entry with next season's membership!


Interested In Joining The STAR Board?

We would welcome members putting themselves forward for election to the board at this year’s AGM in September.  There will be eight vacancies and we have tried to make the nomination process simpler, more up-to-date and user-friendly this year:

- You now need only a proposer and a seconder (rather than four members to nominate you).
- The nominee, proposer and seconder all need to be STAR Members aged 18+
- You will now be able to submit your nomination electronically (or on paper if preferred)
- The requirement for a 400 word statement will be reduced up to 200 words

Further details can be found on the Nomination Form which can be downloaded here (Word Document).

Closing date for receipt of nominations is 31st May 2017.


Dare To Feel Optimistic

Thursday 18th May 2017 is one of those days when Reading supporters can dare to feel optimistic. Congratulations to Jaap Stam and his team for reaching the Championship play-off final. We’re sure they’re just as aware as we are that the job’s not done yet. They’ll be memories to come and let’s hope they will be happy ones this time.

STAR would also like to welcome the news of the EFL approval of the new majority shareholders. This should end a period of financial uncertainty that has surrounded the club over the past few months and we’re pleased to see completion of the new training ground complex is among the top priorities. STAR looks forward to meeting Dai Yongge and Dai Xiu Li and their representatives in the near future to ascertain more of their plans and to introduce them to the part that supporters and supporter organisations play in the life of the club.


Reading Deaf Football Club Are Still in Winning Mood!

After winning the South East FA Region Disabilities Cup 2 - 0 against Sussex Representatives last Saturday, RDFC are going for the double on Sunday 21st May in the bid to win the BOBi League.

Why not pop up and cheer them on? Kick-off will be at 10:30pm for the first game of the last round at Moulton College Sports Complex, Park Lane, Moulton, MN3 7SD. We will be fighting hard to top the league and be crowned, for another year, as Champions.


STAR are proud to be sponsoring the team. Further details can be obtained from Pete Vickery in the STAR Base on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th evenings (7pm to 9 pm) or Saturday 20th (10am to 4pm).


Player Of The Season - Ali Al-Habsi


Paul Ellix (left), Chairman of STAR, presents Ali Al-Habsi with the Supporters’ Player of the Season award before the match against Wigan on 29th April 2017. It’s the second year running Ali has won the trophy and the third year in a row it’s gone to a goalkeeper


RFC Senior Managers Meeting With STAR - April

Our latest meeting with RFC senior managers took place at the Mad Stad on 19th April and included issues on car parking and ticketing amongst others.

You can download a summary of notes from the meeting here.


The Southern Regional Sky / EFL Fan Forum

Three STAR representatives attended the regional Sky/EFL Fan Forum at Sky HQ in Brentford on 20 March 2017 along with about 50 representatives of other southern EFL clubs. In essence this was a 'them telling us' session with a chance for us to ask a few questions at the end.

The most interesting speaker was ex-ref Chris Foy on the recent changes to the Laws of the Game.

There are now 2 groups of professional referees, 18 referees and 27 assistant referees in Select Group 1 (mainly Premier League but not exclusively) and 18 referees in Select Group 2 (mainly Championship) with 36 assistant referees who are not full time professional.

Chris then took us through a few of the 84 Law changes that were brought in this season:

- Denial of a goal scoring opportunity – outside the penalty area this is a red card but in the penalty area, if there is a clear attempt to play the ball, it is only a yellow card (and a penalty of course).

- Offside in your own half – if a player is in an offside position in the opponents half but crosses the half way line before he plays the ball, then the offside offence is where he plays the ball so it can be in his own half and that is where the free kick is taken (as we know from the game this season where many of us got irate at the repeated free kicks for offside in our own half).

- Fouls off the field of play – this is penalised with a direct free kick on the line nearest to where the foul took place.  So if the foul was over the bye-line within the penalty box it is a direct free kick inside the penalty area – a penalty.

- Injured players needing to leave the field of play – if the offender is carded and the injury is treated quickly then the injured player does not need to leave the field of play.

- Handball – there are 4 factors to consider:
The proximity and speed of the ball
The movement of the hand – is it towards or away from the ball?
The expected position of the hand
Does the player try to make himself bigger?

- Holding in the penalty area – physical contact is an acceptable part of the game so the factors to consider are:
Is the player only focusing on his opponent and paying no attention to the ball?
Is the shirt being pulled and is it being pulled back?
Is the holding sustained and preventing the opponent moving?

- Participant behaviour – this covers such as dissent, being visibly disrespectful, responding aggressively, confronting the official face to face and running towards the official to contest the decision.

- Offensive behaviour – using insulting language to an official is a red card

- Physical contact – non-aggressive but intrusive manner is a yellow card and aggressive manner is a red card.

- Surrounding officials – if 2 or more players surround a player it should be a yellow card for at least one of the players.  The FA will also sanction teams retrospectively.

- Technical area – the code of conduct is more rigorously enforced.  The 4th official is required to retain professional detachment from the players and the club.

During the presentation there was footage of actual incidents and these just reinforced how hard it is to see all that is happening and make the correct decision. 

In a conversation following the presentation ex-player and Sky pundit Scott Minto made the point that players make mistakes just as referees make mistakes but the decision is made to the best of the referee’s ability and honestly.  Another question was on the role of assistant referees who appear to just follow the referee’s signals – but apparently now they are all miked up so the assistant may well have informed the referee before raising his flag so it is not always what it seems to the crowd.

All in all an interesting and informing presentation that we hope we will be able to bring to STAR members in the future. Chris Foy said he would happily consider attending a STAR Fans Forum.

Fixture disruption caused by TV

The other speakers were from the EFL and Sky and the main issue here was the fixture disruption caused by the televising of fixtures. A total of 253 PL and EFL matches are televised, none at 3pm on Saturdays or against European fixtures. The EFL fixtures are fitted in after the PL matches are chosen and the authorities feel they are doing well to offer a minimum five weeks’ notice period of changes. They are continuing to work with rail authorities and hotel groups to try to lessen the financial impact of date changes on travelling fans.

However the five weeks rule is not a total guarantee and can be breached as a consequence of rearranged cup ties. Such a breach recently saw Newcastle travel to Brentford on a Monday night and they were unapologetic about the choice of a match between two clubs so far apart. It was also interesting to note that when push comes to shove Sky can legally insist on a match being televised against the resistance of the club as Leeds found out recently. In short there seems to be almost no flexibility to take into account the wishes of the clubs or the difficulties of the fans, nor any desire to create more flexibility or lower the number of games covered. Indeed most club owners want to be covered more often! Sky's deal is worth £90m pa to the EFL and they did suggest something of a sense of entitlement on the evening. Without knowing anything of the finances they might actually be doing the EFL a big favour, of course. They did not ask for our views on the quality and nature of their coverage. Paula Martin / Roger Titford.

Thats it for this season. We look forward to providing away travel to all way games next season.

For away ground information visit: 


Following our Reading FC Hall of Fame event on Thursday 30th March we have no further events to bring you at this time.

Reading FC Deaf Team


STAR is also proud to sponsor the Reading FC Deaf Team 2016-17 who play their home games at Piggott School, Twyford Road, Wargrave. You can download a copy the team fixtures and results here (updated 27th March). For further information come and talk to Pete Vickery on match days and Tuesday evenings at the STAR Base.

STAR are pleased to support the events and activities of the RFC Community Trust. You can visit their website here.


RFC Former Players Association


Find out about events organised by the Former Players Association by visiting their website.

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