STAR Policies

STAR take a specific view on several matters concerning the organisation and running of football and STAR. For clarity STAR make these policies available for public information and they can be downloaded and viewed below. These policies are reviewed and updated annually. You can also view our  statement in connection with privacy and use of cookies on this website by visiting our Privacy & Cookies page.

STAR Election Policy pdf.jpg

STAR Affiliations Policy pdf.jpg

STAR Board Membership and Conduct Policypdf.jpg

STAR Competitive Domestic Matches Played Abroad Policypdf.jpg

STAR Data Protection Policypdf.jpg

STAR Expenditure And Procurement Policypdf.jpg

STAR Expenditure And Procurement Policy Annexe1pdf.jpg

STAR Kit Policypdf.jpg

STAR Policing Policypdf.jpg

STAR Premier League 2 Policypdf.jpg

STAR Safe Standing Policypdf.jpg

STAR Safeguarding Policy pdf.jpg

STAR Stewarding Policypdf.jpg

STAR Supporters Trust Movement Policypdf.jpg

STAR Ticketing and Accessibility Policypdf.jpg

STAR Travel Policypdf.jpg

STAR Club Ownership, Financial Governance and Wealth Distribution Policypdf.jpg

STAR Goal Line Technology Policypdf.jpg

STAR Equality Policy pdf.jpg

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