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STAR Sponsors


As part of its role in supporting the local community and encouraging football in the local community, STAR sponsors a number of organisations and events.

Hospital Radio Reading:

By STAR supporting the costs of broadcasting, every home game commentary is available at local hospitals.


Reading FC Deaf Team:

STAR is proud to sponsor the Reading FC Deaf Team  who play their home games at Piggott School, Twyford Road, Wargrave. For further information come and talk to Pete Vickery at the STAR Base.

STAR are also pleased to support the events and activities of the RFC Community Trust. You can visit their website here.



Community Support – Reading & District Sunday League

For the third season running STAR provides support for the three cup competitions of the Reading and District Sunday League. The RDSL has operated for over 50 years but like many adult male leagues is seeing a decline in participation from 19 divisions in 1975 to six now. One cause of this is the increased costs of participating that have to be borne by players.

Unlike the professional game success can make the situation worse! The RDSL runs three cup competitions, The Tilehurst Charity Cup, Industrial Cup and the John Lusted Cup. The semi-finalists have to bear the additional costs of playing on a neutral ground and fees for the match officials. This takes the gloss off reaching the semi-finals for many participants. RDSL itself customarily covers the expenses of holding the finals from the entry fees charged to its clubs.

STAR is pleased to be able to cover the expenses for the semi-finals and finals (one of which is held at the MadStad). This will allow the RDSL to lower their competition entry fees for all competing clubs and have a direct benefit to all twelve semi-finalists.

STAR’s sponsorship is recognised in RSDL’s new website for their Directory and Information, which can be found here: – RSDL website



All STAR Board Members are volunteers, either elected by members or co-opted.

Sarah Turner
Chair, Online Travel
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 12.06.56 PM
Simon Day
Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility Officer
Steve B2
Steve Benton
Deputy Chair, IT
Vicci Elliot
Colin Bishop
Operations Manager, Travel
Mel Bishop
Travel, Safeguarding
Sacha Liddiard
Sacha Liddiard
Membership Secretary
Teresa Hicks
Pete Vickery
Adam Aust
Abi Ticehurst
Caroline Parker
Caroline Parker
Dave Stevens
Exiles Co-ordinator, IT
WhatsApp Image 2022-10-06 at 7.38.28 AM
Johnny Hunt
Exiles Co-ordinator
Jack Simpson
Jack Simpson
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 12.08.12 PM
Matthew Batten
Deputy Data Controller, Deputy Safeguarding Officer, Deputy Policy Officer, IT
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 12.07.19 PM
Nick Houlton
Data Controller

Roger Titford – Communications & Heritage
Mel Bishop – STAR Travel, STAR Shop and Safeguarding Officer
Colin Bishop – STAR Travel
Paula Martin – Membership
Steve Benton – Data Controller
Kevin Lenton
Sacha Liddiard
Richard Langley
Jon Hall
Johnny Hunt
Sam Stephenson
Andrew Wearing – Exiles Co-ordinator

Co-Opted Board Members:

Pete Vickery

Interested in volunteering to help STAR? We would love to hear from you so drop us an email at

Media enquiries

Media enquiries should be sent to Please note that although we have a number of volunteers monitoring this address they may not be in a position to respond immediately.