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Select Car Leasing Stadium, Behind East Stand

Meeting on Catering in the Select Car Leasing Stadium – March 2023


STAR and a group of fan volunteers met with Levy’s general manager to discuss the catering in the Select Car Leasing stadium.

We started by discussing the issue of counters being closed and not enough staff.  Levy have struggled with casual staff on the grassroot Blackpool game they had enough casual staff missing to close one stand.  So kiosks were manned in any way that they could.  The attendance numbers rose dramatically after the food was ordered so Levy were caught out and sold out of all sweets, crisps, and fizzy drinks in the family stand.  This is something they were very apologetic for and said that it would not happen again.

All kiosks in all stands should now be open at all games and they should all be fully stocked.  Shelly (GM Levy) has been visiting other grounds to get ideas of what they do well and what will work in our ground.  She has some fantastic ideas for next season – which will hopefully see new technology introduced to speed up queues and some exciting food offerings.  Due to the limitations in the way that food can be cooked in most areas it will be just pies, hot dogs, and sausage rolls.

Sorry to everyone who wanted the chicken, leek and gammon pie back – this is not happening due to the addition of meat to the pie making it less saleable to people who don’t eat meat but eat chicken.  On a game day there are Levy supervisors on each concourse wearing blue – if you have any problems on the day, please do approach them and let them know so that they can feedback to Shelly.  Shelly will look in to why the credit card machines are so slow.

Tim (RFC Head of Commercial) reminded us that Heineken are our official Pouring Rights Partner and have the rights for service inside the concourse, however the club and Levy will continue using other local breweries outside.

With regard to staff training – Shelly confirmed that all staff receive training but there is quite a turnover of casual staff and they can be quite nervous!  It is something that they are looking into and try and get the staff to engage with us fans.