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Nottingham Forest Programme Notes

Today we hear from Paula Martin – STAR Board Chair

Who would have thought after the win away at Birmingham on March 7th that the next time any supporters could watch Reading play would have been December?  Assuming all goes to plan there should be 2000 in the Madejski Stadium to watch the game against Nottingham Forest so to those attending – stay safe, and to those who can’t/won’t – keep safe so that you will get back in due course.

In my STAR role as representative on the Safety Advisory Group I have been aware of the precautions taken to allow supporters in the stadium and so I am happy to attend but I have every sympathy for those who do not feel they can take the risk.  Even with all the precautions we will all be dependent on our fellow supporters acting responsibly so please listen to any instructions of stewards and allow a distance between you and others (even if you feel comfortable, they may not so please respect everyone’s space).

The main excitement for me is to see our new players in the flesh and to be able to see more of the game, not just what the television director allows – though I may miss the replays!  But as I can’t be in my normal seat near the dugouts my view of Pauno will not be as good as it was at the Fans Forum he attended.

STAR was grateful that Pauno agreed to join us on zoom last month and he answered fully a range of questions sent in (thank you all who submitted a question) for an hour to give us more of an insight into his footballing background, his ideas and the changes he has made to make the players more of a team.   We are all looking  forward to the time we can have a face to face forum but given the success of the zoom format we may be able to allow our exiles to attend too.