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Senior Management Meeting – 11th December 2019

The Senior Management Meeting on 11th December covered a number of important subjects, including feedback on the Leeds fans in home areas incidents and the delay in adding Royalty pounts to ticketing accounts – both subjects we have received a lot of feedback on.

5. Leeds fans in home areas

STAR reported concerns from member about Leeds fans present in home areas and consequent disruption at the recent home match.

RFC were aware of the likelihood of Leeds fans in home stands and were proactive (setting point restrictions in the most sensitive areas, refunding tickets prices to as many as were obviously Leeds fans before the game) but many Leeds fans have local addresses and a purchase history of other games as well as home season ticket holders lending their ticket to Leeds supporting friends so even a points based risk assessment is by-passed.

However there is no justification for any violence to Leeds fans in home areas by home fans, some of which was reported and is being acted upon.

The control room tried to deal with the outbursts from Leeds fans in home areas when the late goal was scored but the timing was particularly difficult so close to the end of the game as at that time stewards are being redeployed to outside for the final whistle.

7. Delay in adding Royalty Points

All 2019-20 STAR members should have 20 points added to their ticketing account. The surge in early membership applications has forestalled these points being added. RFC would endeavour to have these added by the end of the year.

JE said if any member felt they might be disadvantaged by this delay (eg. applying for Fulham away tickets) then they should contact the Ticket Office and their situation would be rectified.

The full notes are attached:

SMT 11.12.19 notes final