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STAR Operations Meeting with Reading FC

STAR Operations Meeting with Reading FC – 31st March 2022

STAR (Paula Martin & Sarah Turner) met with Reading FC on Teams to discuss a number of the most recent and pressing issues brought to us by members and non members alike –

Womens Team, Catering, Ticketing, Matchday Experience, Social Media, Retail, Sustainability and 150 Game.

Please see detailed notes – Operations Meeting – 31st March 2022

If you have an opinion on a better solution to one of these, please email

  1. Better food options, e.g. from other similar clubs – with photo and prices.
  2. Any better ideas for loyalty points and do fans want the womens game to have points ?
  3. Ideas for half time entertainment that doesn’t destroy the pitch?
  4. How can we get more people to home games (aside form the obvious improved team performance) ?