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STAR Response: Points Deduction

STAR Response Points Deduction

STAR is very disappointed that it has been confirmed Reading FC have failed to adhere to the business plan agreed with the EFL in November 2021.

It remains concerning that we have received a further six points deducted and will be subject to another business plan for the 2023/24 season, albeit without an embargo. 

However, it is encouraging that Mark Bowen has today come out so openly and transparently [Reading FC | Mark Bowen | An open letter to our fans] to talk about our short and long term plan as well as the issues that have led to this breach of the business plan [EFL Club Financial Reporting Unit: Reading FC].

We welcome the statement from Mark Bowen that “we are very confident that this six-point penalty is the last of our medicine and we will now be allowed to come out of the embargo and be able to trade in the summer”. We will continue to engage with the club and will seek frequent dialogue to reassure that this is realised as well as an ongoing commitment to both compliance and responsibility going forward.

In the short term we, like everyone, are concerned by the impact of the points deduction and hope that the club are able to rally through to the end of the campaign, remaining in the Championship. We echo the call from Mark Bowen to get behind the team for the crucial final seven games.

As fans first and foremost, we share in the anxiety and concern felt by every supporter. 

STAR will take the following actions:

  • Engage and coordinate with other fan groups and stakeholders to ensure a stronger united voice, representative of all fans.
  • Urge Reading FC to continue to provide regular clear, transparent updates regarding the steps the club are taking to ensure that it is both compliant and responsible going forward
  • Arrange an update meeting with senior management at the club to communicate the view of the fans, and share the club’s response.

As the Official Supporters Trust, we are committed to representing the views of both our members and all Reading supporters.

Like you, we will not accept financial instability or any other action that jeopardises the future of the club. We remain concerned by the latest developments but hope that this draws the issue to a close and leads to a brighter and more sustainable future.