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STAR Structured Dialogue Meeting 5 With Reading FC

Here are the notes from the Structured Dialogue meeting held last Friday. They are much longer than usual because we wanted to share with supporters the full extent of the discussion. This is why it’s taken a few days to get them published.

As per our agreement with the Club they have read our notes but have not asked us to change or omit anything of significance. In fact, the notes are longer now than when we sent them! We’d like to thank them for their transparency and honesty with us during this difficult period.

Please take a few minutes to read SD Meeting – Jan 2022


21st Jan 2022

STAR had a useful and longer than usual meeting today (21 Jan 2022) with four senior RFC execs (Dayong Pang, Bryan Stabler, Mark Bradley and Jackie Evans). We put over the concerns that we have and that many fans have expressed about the state of the club. We learned some new and positive details about key areas of the club. We made suggestions about engaging with the fan base and Fan Led Review which were listened to carefully. Under the terms of these SD meetings the report that we’ll write up will, as usual, be vetted by the club for fairness and be published by us early next week. We thank fans for their patience with this and for your support overall.