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Stoke City Programme Notes



Just over one hundred years ago the world had emerged from a pandemic which killed millions of people. This was on top of the 17+ million who had died during the First World War. The authorities were on a learning curve to control this pandemic. There were no remedies or magical known formulas. Life continued the best it could. Many lost their loved ones and their means of employment. The economy suffered. Face masks became a way of life for many.

Does this sound familiar? The pandemic then was known as the Spanish Flu. Today we are living through COVID-19. Through the Spanish Flu pandemic one thing that was not forgotten was the remembrance of those who died for their country and its freedom during the First World War. Remembrance ceremonies back were then in their infancy but 101 years later they still continue. It is important that we, as a nation, remember those who gave their lives not only in World War One but in all the conflicts that have occurred since.

Here at STAR and Reading Football Club we will be continuing to remember the many that fell. Not just the players and staff of Reading Football Club but also the many supporters whose names are not recorded on our memorial. They are just as important.

With COVID-19 lockdown measures now in place we will not be able to hold our usual pre-match service before this year’s home game. We feel that it is important the memory of those who fell is still honoured. STAR will be laying a virtual wreath on our social media sites on Sunday 8th November close to 11am. A wreath will be also laid at the Madejski Stadium Memorial Wall as soon as restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so.

It is very important that we observe all COVID-19 restrictions so we are asking everyone not to visit the stadium during this time but during your act of remembrance, when the nation falls silent, please remember those who fell.


Today we hear from Pete Vickery