Select Car Leasing Stadium, Behind East Stand

Supporter Engagement Award Winners !

Last night, we – that is STAR and Reading FC together – won the Football Supporters Association ‘Supporter Engagement’ Award, presented at the Pavilion at the Tower of London.

The Award “is designed to recognise those clubs and fan groups whose relationship and partnership has led to the best outcomes for supporters at their respective clubs.” As an additional feather in our cap this is the first time that this particular award has been made so we’re setting the bar for others to follow.

For this Award both Jackie Evans (RFC) and Roger Titford of STAR (pictured with the surprisingly heavy trophy), put in submissions to the FSA judging panel separately and without knowledge the other was doing it. The submissions must have matched well for us to get this joint award!


Among the highlights cited were STAR’s energetic response to the owner’s free travel offer and the great work put in by our travel and membership teams to execute this; and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the Structured Dialogue relationship which brings us the highest level of consultation short of owning the club.

STAR is proud of our record, the benefits we offer our 1,500+ members and the national recognition we’ve just received for our engagement with the football club which we believe works for the benefit of all our supporters.