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STAR Board Nominations 23/24

We have previously communicated to you that there would be a contested election for the STAR Board this year.

One of the candidates has reluctantly decided to withdraw their nomination and so we now have eight candidates for eight positions.

Therefore we will not need to hold a Board  Member election this year and so will no longer be sending out ballot papers – so please don’t expect one!

The eight remaining candidates will be formally endorsed at the AGM on the 7th September 2023.  These eight candidate profiles can be seen below:

Congratulations to all eight candidates and welcome on board the five of these who are new to the board!

Candidate A – Adam Aust

Candidate B – Steve Benton

Candidate C – Colin Bishop

Candidate D – Vicci Elliot

Candidate E – Sacha Liddiard

Candidate F – Caroline Parker

Candidate H – Jack Simpson

Candidate I – Abigail Ticehurst