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STAR Whatsapp Channel Launch – July 2024

To complement our existing comms, STAR is introducing a WhatsApp Channel to:

  • Provide occasional important/urgent/immediate updates to subscribers (members and non-members) on your smartphone.  e.g. travel updates or general updates.
  • Enable subscribers to ask questions on Membership, Travel and other STAR matters.  (which our relevant subject matter expert will create a response to and reply back to you)
  • Quickly and easily provide access to our occasional competitions.

These capabilities will work best on a smartphone or on web based WhatsApp on a PC  (they do not work well on app based versions of WhatsApp on a PC).

(Our previous STAR Whatsapp Group has now been replaced with this STAR WhatsApp Channel.)

Joining the STAR WhatsApp Channel.

To register for the STAR WhatsApp Channel (We assume you already have WhatsApp installed and working on your smartphone) – please scan this QR code or click HERE  (Opens In WhatsApp)  or send the Message ‘I would like to stay updated’ to +15414605373 

The STAR logo and WhatsApp number +15414605373 will appear in WhatsApp on your phone.

You will then be asked with prompts on WhatsApp:

  • To enter your First Name and Last Name (if not alreday provided).
  • Whether you are a STAR Member, and if you are – your membership number.
  • Whether you wish to receive Travel updates and/or General Updates.
  • Click the Button (Your agreement to opting in to receive messages in line with your selections).

You can then save this number as Supporters Trust At Reading on your phone. – Click the number at the top of your screen and then add to contacts – 

Supporters Trust At Reading.

All messages sent to you will have the option identified at the bottom to reply with STOP, which will cancel your registration and you will no longer receive any messages.

Inactive users will automatically be deleted (after 3 months of inactivity).

Competition Entries

All those that have clicked to get general updates will be sent a broadcast about a competition and they register for the comp from that broadcast.

Specific QR Codes and urls will be provided for each competition for those not already subscribed to the STAR WhatsApp channel..  When registering for a competition the user will be prompted to choose whether to receive travel and/or general news updates.  The information entered will be retained in WhatsApp for when the user next uses the system – e.g. another competition.

Data Collection & Retention

Users of this service will be required to provide the information as identified above, which will be stored securely on the WhatsApp system in association with your phone number.

Your data will not be shared with any other organisation or used for marketing purposes.

You can cancel your registration to this service at any time, by replying STOP to a message (shown at end of messages).  Your Information is retained in WhatsApp for users who unsubscribe by replying STOP.  You can ask for all your data to be deleted, which we will completed within a month.

The STAR PERSONAL DATA PRIVACY POLICY  will apply to the use of this service.

Please contact us on email at if you have any questions or issues using this.