Select Car Leasing Stadium, Behind East Stand

Hall of Fame in the Concourse

Debuting on 18 August there will be four new posters in the Lower West and East Stand concourses celebrating STAR’s Reading FC Hall of Fame.

It’s the first time that the Hall of Fame will have a physical presence in the Madejski Stadium. Each of the themed posters features three or four inductees ranging from the 19th to the 21st centuries, thus highlighting the long history of our club and its many heroes. There’s Great Goalies, England Defenders, Local Heroes and Star Strikers and we hope to put more names and faces on permanent display later. Please take a look!

STAR HoF Posters Great Goalies

STAR HoF Posters England Defenders

STAR HoF Posters Local Heroes

STAR HoF Posters Star Strikers

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