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Reading FC Hall of Fame - 13 New Names Inducted

HoF-logo.pngOur annual STAR’s Reading FC Hall of Fame event was held on Thursday 30 March at The Princess Suite at the Madejski Stadium. 13 new names were inducted.

There were a number of displays, a quick-fire quiz run by Ady Williams and won by Graham Bryant, and a raffle for the shirts Sean Morrison and Jem Karacan wore at Old Trafford.

Many thanks to all those at STAR who helped to bring about the event, to the various groups who exhibited, to Paul Allen and Ady Williams on the microphones, to the club officials who came along, to those who spoke on behalf of the inductees and of course to the supporters attending to pay tribute to some of our great names.

For more information about the Hall of Fame and our current inductees, including the 13 new ones announced at this latest event  visit our Heritage & Hall of Fame page.

Stadium Car Parking Charges

We’ve received some negative feedback from members about the 2017-18 stadium car park fee. The first STAR knew of the increase in charges from £180 to £230 per season was when the club made the public announcement. In percentage terms STAR agrees it’s a very substantial increase and from a PR point of view would have been better staggered over two years, given there was no increase last season.

In effect the new price offers no discount over current on the day pricing around the stadium which has risen to £9 in some places (eg Holiday Inn) or may rise to that level next season, given that the loss of Worton Grange and tighter enforcement of restrictions (Green Park, Costco) will increase demand. If we assume 23 home league games and two cup games then £230 divided by 25 matches is £9.20 per game.

It is fair to say far more people will benefit from the season ticket price reductions than will suffer from this increase in parking charges. Nevertheless STAR strongly believes that convenient and economic access to the stadium has been a crucial component in the success of the Madejski Stadium attracting higher attendances – and that making access to the stadium more difficult and expensive, especially at times when the club isn’t doing well, is a real danger. We have a significant proportion of supporters who come from places where public transport to the stadium isn’t a realistic option. We also have a significant number of supporters who would choose not to use public transport, especially for midweek matches, because they come with young children, or they find walking and standing for long periods difficult or don’t wish to travel alone.

Over the past year, and in the light of the proposed Royal Elm Park development (which eventually will be built on the Red Car Park anyway), STAR has repeatedly raised concerns about this issue and offered a couple of constructive suggestions, one of which the club is actively pursuing. STAR has also formally objected to the Royal Elm Park planning proposal on the grounds of lack of car parking provision. Twenty years ago the plans for the stadium suggested up to 2000 car park spaces and the possibility Green Park rail station might be with us!

All STAR can do is continue to implore the club to take notice of this issue and not put all its eggs in the public transport basket, to do what we can to unlock the potential / wasted spaces around the stadium on match days and to suggest that the Mereoak P&R option can actually be a good, cheaper alternative for some people. The club has been informed of our views this week.

RFC Senior Managers Meeting With STAR - March

Our latest meeting with RFC senior managers took place at the Mad Stad on 2nd March and included issues on buses for home matches, ticketing and safe standing amongst others.

You can download a summary of notes from the meeting here.

If you have matters for consideration of raising at the next meeting which, will be held late February, please email them to

The Problems of Ambition - A Look at RFC Accounts 2015-16

Once again we thank STAR member Dave Hunt for his expertise in simplifying, for the benefit of fans, the information in the latest set of Reading FC accounts. His report, 'The Problems of Ambition'  can be downloaded and read here (pdf).

Ticket Pricing

STAR is very pleased to see Reading FC take the lead on ticket pricing in the Championship in 2016-17 with its £20 structure for fans in the Eamonn Dolan Stand and away fans. The initiative was commended at the national Football Supporters' Federation summit at the weekend, alongside the £30 cap on away ticket prices in the Premier League and Arsenal and Swansea subsidising their away fans ticket costs.


STAR organised a march around the Madejski Stadium behind the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ banner and gathered a 300 signature strong petition backing the campaign. The subject of ticket pricing and reciprocal away ticket pricing has been raised by STAR in meetings with the Club senior management throughout last season (30th September, 9th November, 17th February, 11th April and 23rd May) and noted on this website. STAR’s sustained efforts will have had some influence on the decision.

STAR sincerely hopes that Reading’s £20 deal works both in terms of increasing numbers at home games and “inspiring” other Championship clubs to follow suit.

STAR Secures ACV Listing For The Madejski Stadium

On 13th April STAR were informed that Reading Borough Council had granted our nomination to have the Madejski Stadium listed as an Asset of Community Value. This means that should the owners ever wish to sell it STAR has the right to be informed about this and to make or be part of a bid to purchase it. STAR believes there is no present danger whatsoever of such a sale happening.

Supporters Trusts and other bodies at other clubs have been granted ACVs, notably at Old Trafford, Anfield and St James’ Park (Newcastle). In Reading some of our finer pubs and King’s Meadow Pool are also listed as ACVs.

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