Football Supporters Federation Launch Away Fans Survey

The FSF are encouraging anyone who has been to an away game so far this season to complete their survey and for those who plan to go to an away game in the future to complete this afterwards. This is the second such survey which aims to measure the experience of away fans in the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, Conference, Conference North/South and League of Wales throughout the season.

The results of last years survey compiled from over 5,000 fans can be found on the FSF website.

You can click here to complete the 2014-15 season survey.


Match Day Programme STAR Page - Huddersfield

Each RFC home match programme contains a page written by ourselves on issues and news of interest to supporters. For those who did not purchase a programme, or not able to attend the match, you can download a copy of the STAR page here.


STAR Represented in Parliament Consultation

On 2nd July STAR Board member Roger Titford attended a consultation with the shadow sports minister Clive Efford MP at the Houses of Parliament. Around 25 delegates from supporters trust, supporters clubs, Supporters Direct and the National Federation were present to ensure the views of supporters are being put forward.

The discussion covered football governance, supporters representation and ownership models. We will continue to monitor and contribute to this ongoing debate.


Dave Hunt's Annual Review of RFC Finances

Regular STAR members will know that each year STAR member Dave Hunt delves into the latest published finances of RFC, combines them with answers from specific questions he has raised with the them, and produces a valuable insight into the club finances in a way that can be more easily understood by the majority of supporters.

Woven into the details of Dave's latest article, which covers July 2012-June 2013, are explanations to help fans understand questions such as 'How did we get promoted to the Premiership, spent little on players and made a financial loss?' or 'Why can a club like Bolton have several years in the Premiership and end up with a £100 million debt?'.

Given the club's current push for a playoff position Dave's conclusions are interesting...'Running a club with some ambition is not for the faint hearted. For a club with Reading’s assets and support we are continuing to over achieve. If we do get promoted again we face the same dilemma. A club that buys expensive players to stay up is not guaranteed to stay up but it helps. For a club of Reading’s size the risk is amplified. A club that spends little on new players comes back down again'.

You can download and read the full article here.

Latest News on Home page

October 1st
Fancy meeting former Chelsea and Leeds defender Michael Duberry? Then you’ve come to the right place…
September 29th
Garcia steps down at Watford for health reasons as McKinlay takes over
September 28th
Wolves boss Kenny Jackett was left to rue a late equaliser that denied his side victory after a thrilling 3-3 draw at Reading.

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Affordable Football For All

August saw supporters marching on the Premier League and Football League which brought the issue of ticket prices back onto the media's agenda. Fans from dozens of clubs were involved and a delegation met with Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore and representatives from the Football League.

Supporters Direct 'Say No to League 3'

Supporters Direct, to which STAR are members, continue to campaign against the Chairman’s FA Commission into the proposals for Feeder Clubs or B-Teams (referred to as League Three). This will form part of the backdrop at their annual Supporters Summit on the 26th July 2014 at Wembley Stadium.

The event will also create an opportunity for fans to shape their vision for the game, and there will be debate, discussion and workshops focusing on the identity of clubs, the involvement in the running of the game by fans, and the treatment of matchgoing supporters.

More information on the proposals, the Supporters Direct response and about the Supporters Direct summit can be viewed by following the links to their website.

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